Rise AI

Rural Voices, Quality Jobs: Insights for a Better Tomorrow


More than 60% of adults in the workforce have built skills through work experience but do not have a bachelor's degree.


Our mission is to empower community intermediaries to connect rural individuals to family-sustaining wages, ensuring a delightful journey rooted in the authentic experiences of real people.

Lifelong Career Readiness

We believe that meaningful career navigation and preparedness is not confined to a single age or stage in life. Starting from the formative K-12 years through to adulthood and even mid-career transitions, we are committed to facilitating a lifelong journey of career exploration and empowerment.

Guiding Principle

Through practical and locally-relevant AI tools, we amplify the genuine voices of rural workers, intertwining their unique skills and aspirations. As we empower community intermediaries, rural workers become the architects of their own narratives, bridging their profound human journeys to quality job opportunities.

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Ethical AI Leadership & Rural Workforce Development

Working closely with small business development centers and community champions, Rise AI sparks entrepreneurial ventures and bridges rural, transferable skills to remote quality job prospects. Our tailored workshops unravel how AI can intersect with the deep-rooted aspirations of rural communities, enabling them to launch impactful businesses and access quality careers. Leveraging human connections, empathy, skill-based practices with emerging technology, we're not just creating new pathways; we're celebrating and amplifying the authentic journeys of rural talents. By fostering lifelong learning and adaptability, we empower these communities to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. At its essence, our approach echoes our mission, intertwining the unique skills and individual desires of those we serve.

AI-Driven Career Navigation & Storytelling

Our aim is to delight every job seeker. Career coaches, mentors, workforce intermediaries, and community advocates gain hands-on exposure to essential AI tools and narratives with us, tailored to be practical and locally relevant. Through immersive digital narratives rooted in the raw experiences of rural workers, we not only showcase the transformative power of AI but also dive into its practical applications tailored to local needs and challenges. With our guiding principle of authentic voice amplification at the forefront, each narrative stands as a testament to AI's transformative role in the rural workforce, ensuring more access to quality jobs and lifelong learning opportunities.

AI Ethics & Collaborative Progress

RiseAI is forging a transformative feedback loop that elevates the voices, aspirations, and evolving workforce experiences in rural communities. Rise AI captures the ever-changing dynamics of rural work, ensuring that every individual's journey informs and enriches our broader approach to workforce development and training. This granular, heartfelt feedback, distilled from individual experiences, is woven back into our broader systems, serving as a beacon for change. Our collaborations span diverse sectors and organizations, unified in the goal of ensuring that our legacy systems evolve to be more inclusive, just, and responsive. In this journey, every rural worker stands as the beneficiary, guiding us towards a future where technology, when directed with local perspective can be a partner in humanity's ethical journey.

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“From the outset, RiseAI resonated with me on a deeply personal level. They didn’t just hear; they listened intently, immersing themselves in the dreams and aspirations unique to rural communities like mine. Instead of simply pointing me to remote job opportunities with polished resumes and tailored interview prep, they illuminated uncharted paths for me that have now become the bedrock of my small business. That they offered all these transformative experiences without a price tag? It’s nothing short of extraordinary. With RiseAI by my side, I’ve not only reshaped how I uplift my community, but I’ve also embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth.”